Tyn y Cwm  'Small house in the Valley' Holiday Home - Bird watching heaven in tranquil Mid-Wales
      'Thank you very much for a lovely comfortable stay in your cottage. We really enjoyed our week.'
                                                  Clive  &  Alison  Mar 2017
       'What a lovely find this cottage turned out to be, it would
   be easy to spend all day watching the birds at the window  feeders.'
                                                   Chris  &   Sue  Jan 2017
     'You lucky couple to live in such a beautiful place. What a
          scenic and peaceful place to enjoy what nature has to offer.'
                                                   Gareth  &  Alison  Nov 2016
     'We had a great time exploring the area and the Brecon Beacons,
       but the best walks were straight from the door or just up the road   
                                at Abergwesyn.'
                                                 Lorraine  &  Stuart  Oct  2016  
      'What a wonderful setting for your home and a wonderful place
               to stay in your cosy cottage, enjoyed sitting in and
                          roaming your super garden.' 
                                                          John  &  Jane   Sept  2016
        'We have so loved staying here in such a charming cottage
         in a beautiful setting with a gorgeous garden. We have
                         fallen in love with Wales.'
                                                 Neill  &  Christine  Sept. 2016
       'Thank you so much for your warm welcome and hospitality
       and the lovely welcome basket. Cosy clean and well equipped.'
                                                Wendy & Colin  August  2016
      'Exceeded all our wishes, everything you needed was
         provided. The cakes baked by Chris tasted amazing.'
                                                Maurice & Ans  August 2016
       'Loved it here, the garden, the surroundings, the birds.
               'over the moon' about everything.'
                                                Carla & Andre  August 2016
        'We enjoyed our stay very much. warm comfortable
                   cottage in a peaceful location.'
                                                  Thea &  Bert  July 2016
     'Thank you that we could have been part of this beautiful
                                 piece of land.'
                                                   Kathleen & Jurgen  July 2016
      'We were fascinated by the birds feeding at the window
           and have now bought a bird spotting book !'
                                                    Mike & Kerry  July 2016
    'Thank you so much, we have had a really lovely holiday again,
                     lovely  to see the garden in summer.'
                                                     Chrissy & Steve  June 2016
      'I have been looking forward to this week for 6 months and it
       didn't disappoint, so much of Chris' fine needle work.
        Thank you Steve & Chris for sharing this beautiful little cottage.'
                                                        Carol & Colin  June 2016      
     'Based in Tyn-y-Cwm we could visit many different places and
        beautiful nature areas. Thank you for your hospitality.
                     The cakes were delicious.'
                                                    Madeline & Jozef  May 2016
    'Sitting in your summerhouse truly made our week, with the sun
     pouring through, the sound of the birds and the local stream and
    being surrounded by your beautiful garden, it was sheer perfection'
                                                    Tan & Nisar  May 2016

      'Saw it on the web site and thought can it be that nice ?
                 Well yes it is, and much more.'
                                                         Marty  April  2016

       'Well it appears Heaven is indeed a 'place on earth' !
   Tyn y Cwm is the perfect place to stay for a peaceful relaxing
             break away from it all.'
                                                     Tania  &  Rob   April  2016

       'Thank you for sharing your lovely cottage with us,
          and all the lovely goodies you left for us.'
                                                     Lynn  &  David  April  2016
        'Perfect peaceful and relaxing retreat for two.'
                                                     Jean  &  Guy  March  2016

        'You have a beautiful home and garden that's full of stunning
           birds. We thank you for sharing them with us.'
                                                     Joann  &  Hugo  Jan  2016
          'Thank you for the most relaxing week ever !
               so much to do in the local area,not to mention star gazing.'
                                                    Jake  &  Julia   Sept 2015
            'It is a magnificent place, a bit like the secret garden.
       The beautiful things hidden away from the city life in a very  
                                   remote  place.'
                                                     Summi, Mamun  &  Sara  Sept  2015
       ' Thank you for a wonderful week's holiday in what
            must be one of the most idyllic spots around.'
                                                         Ellie  &  Mike  Aug  2015
           ' Nuthatch and its surroundings is a magnificent place to stay.
             Chris & Steve are wonderful warm hosts.'
                                                          Lisa  &  Mike  Aug 2015
              'We really enjoyed the bird watching, your more than
       beautiful garden and the tranquillity of the area.'
                                                          Barbara  &  Axel   Aug  2015
                       'Quite simply heaven on earth  ' 
                                                    Maureen  July 2015
         'Thank you for a wonderful week, the birds were spectacular,
          the garden inspirational and the scenery magnificent '
                                                            Margaret  &  Andrew  July 2015
              'Fab hosts, fab welcome pack, fab setting, fab cottage,
                fab wildlife...... & lovely weather all week.'
                                                         Linda  &  Sandra  June  2015
                      'Beautiful cottage, stunning scenery and
                               lovely warm welcome from Chris & Steve.'
                                                          Claire  &  Len  June 2015
           'Birds singing, the sound of the river, the cluck of a contented
        chicken and finally the sound of NO traffic. Perfect  Then there
               is the coffee cake, the best eggs we have tasted in years.'
                                                           Derek  &  Joan  June 2015
           'The countryside around here is amazing and the
               bird life is a joy to watch with so many different species '
                                                         Chris  &  Paul     June  2015

          'Thanks again for a fantastic week in beautiful Wales. 
              I didn't think we could top last years holiday, but we did'
                                                       Andrea  &  Richard   May 2015
           'Every convenience in this wonderfully warm and cosy cottage           in the best valley in Wales that we've met and we've met a lot !'                                                Jenny  &  Ernest   May  2015
                 'Wonderful peace, the walks above the valley                         offer huge views'   
                                                 Hilary     April 2015 
            'Thank you for having us in your wonderful cottage, we felt very spoilt.'
                                                   Catarina  &  Richard  April  2015 
             'I came away to write some new songs and it has been the               perfect peaceful place,'          
                                                  Gill  March 2015                                                      
        'We really couldn't have asked for a more perfect location             for some truly breathtaking walks and scenery'                                                      Katrina  &  Kevin  Feb  2015 
      'Loved watching the birds in the morning  - saw our first nuthatch.             Had a fab new years break in the cosy cottage'                                                        Miriam  &  Jake  Jan 2015                           
         'Had a lovely relaxing weekend away from the rat race'                                                      Phil  &  Christine   Nov 2014
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